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We believe in identifying and training emerging leaders who are fully committed to Christ and who will reach their generation with the Gospel. God is raising up men and women who will take the baton of godly character, authentic faith, and servant-hearted leadership into the next generation and the generation now. The best way is that we encourage heart first, equip leadership skills, provide hands-on experience, and elevate Biblical principles.


Each Intern will have the opportunity to learn the different areas of ministry and work side by side experience Staff and Leaders at New Hope Oahu. We believe that every person who commits their life to a program will Discover their Spiritual Gifts and God given-purpose, Develop a Spirit-empowered life as a leader, and Deploy Spiritual authority in a designed Ministry.


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"Nothing refines your discipline like waking up at 5am for a class. The internship was a stretching and challenging, but the experiences were invaluable to my character formation. Plus, I got to build real friendships."

David Garcia 
High School Leader


"Joining Emerge Internship was the best choice I could have made. It taught me what it really meant to be a servant. The best part of internship was getting to meet the most amazing people I’ve ever met and serve alongside them!"

Kainalu Fisher 

Ignite Overseer

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Internship was an environment created to build people up for the doings of ministry as our mission is to further the kingdom of God! My experience with the 2 year internship has been a roller coaster of emotions as I learn to love to the Lord, love people & serve with a raw heart of surrender. I’ve met some life long friends, my mentor & a totally different person that was not the same 2 years ago.

Praise the Lord, for the 2 year growth period that I went through! 

Ufi Ale 

Coffee Shop Manager


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